IMGPro LED Lighting is properly engineered to offer major benefits for the end user with high quality lighting solutions specifically for cabinets, furniture, and displays.

IMGPro LEDs use only the highest quality diodes and components to enjoy maximum benefits of;

        • High light output.
        • Maintenance free solution, no changing light bulbs.
        • Usable lifetime of 40,000 hours.
        • Major energy savings.
        • Generates no heat and stays cool to the touch.
        • Generates no Infrared or ultraviolet light.
        • Will not fade fabrics or cause light damage.
        • Available in three color densities from Warm 3000K, Clear White 4000K, to Bright White 5000K.
        • Also available in Natural White 6000K for light pads and snap frames.
        • Small and compact linear lighting, slim profiles for both Fabric Frames and Snap Frames.